Support Types

Updated on: May 11, 2021

What kind of support is available on the website?

We provide only technical support in accessing your account on the website, accessing purchased content on the website and technical support to resolve payment / purchase issues.

Can I send my doubts in Maths and Physics to the support team?

Currently, we do not offer doubts discussion facility with the support team.

I am new to website, can support team teach me how to use the website?

Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn website is not much different from any educational or e-commerce website. If you know how to use Amazon, Facebook, YouTube etc. then you can certainly use Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn with little to no effort.
If you are new to online learning, we recommend you to first learn the basic usage of internet from your relative or friend.
Technical support by Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn does not include any kind of training session in using the website

Is technial support also paid?

Support on Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn is not a part of any paid services and/or products. Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn is providing technical support voluntarily and FREE OF COST.

Why I am not receiving reply from Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn Support?

Support is only available for technical difficulties in accessing the account, payment, website, course or videos. We sometimes reply to queries related to courses and memberships that are not answered anywhere on the website.
Other than these we do not respond to general queries or sales queries, to keep the operational cost minimum and hence to keep the prices of memberships and courses as much low as possible.