Scholarship for poor students

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37 Memberships Donated

  • We had received 5308 applications in total.
  • Our team had reviewed each application and found that about 83% of the applications were illegitimate*.
  • From the remaining applications 100 had been selected randomly and contacted for document verification.
  • 63 out of 100 either did not provide any document or their documents were found to be fake in the verification and hence they were rejected and banned from the website.
  • Rest 37 were verified and membership has been provided to them FREE of Cost.
  • Majority of 37 are from very poor background and live in the areas categorized as “slums” by the local Govt.
  • Hence, they do not have a stable high-speed internet connection to access the membership videos, so our team is working for offline arrangements for them.

* A large number of illegitimate applications include (but not limited to) the following, as the following financially can afford but not willing to pay and hence decided to defraud the poor students.

  • tuition teachers
  • school teachers 
  • i-phone users
  • i-pad users 
  • other mid or high end smartphone users etc.
  • applications from different posh areas throughout India



I am not poor but I want free membership, can I fill the form?

Free membership is only meant for poor students and all other applications either by teachers or from those who could afford membership will be rejected.
We are thoroughly reviewing each application and a thorough verification of selected applicant’s documents including but not limited to their family income, their house occupancy status, current academic status etc. so that only poor and needy students will get the membership.

How to apply for free membership?

Just fill the following application form. If you would qualify for free membership then our team will contact you for document verification and further process.

Who can apply for free membership?

Free membership is only available for poor (financial) students.

Are current members allowed to fill the form?

If anyone of our current members is from poor background then he/she can fill the application form. If we found their application legitimate and their application get selected for free membership then we will refund the amount of their membership.
If the application is false or fake then their account will be marked fraud and their current membership will be permanently suspended without any refund.

Do I get the free membership just by filling the application form?

The application form is only the first step to inform us that you are poor and interested in free membership.
Our team will review all the applications and will select random applicants for free membership like in a lottery system.

How many applications one can fill?

Only one application within 30 days is allowed from one applicant. In case of multiple applications from one applicant within 30 days, all of the applications will be rejected without notification.

When will I get contacted for free membership?

You will only be contacted if your application is selected for free membership. Otherwise, there will be no communication from our side.

How to check the status of application?

There is no way to check the status of application.
If you will get selected then we will contact you ourselves.
In case you contacted us regarding your application or free membership, your application will be rejected instantly without any notification.

How do you select applicants for free membership?

Of all the legitimate applications, we would randomly select applications for scholarship of free membership like in a lottery system.

How many applicants will be selected?

Number of applicants will be decided by our admin team based on the number of applications and other factors.

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