Relations and Functions P2 Class 12 L4

Part - 2 Lecture - 4 Chapter 1 Relations and Functions

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Question 7. Let A = [-1, 1] Then, discuss whether the following functions defined on A are one-one, onto or bijective:
a. f(x) = \frac{x}{2}
b. g(x) = | x |
c. h(x) = x| x |
d. k(x) = x^2

Question 8. Let f : N \to N be defined by f(n)=\begin{cases} {\frac{n + 1}{2}}, & \text{ if n is odd} \\ {\frac{n}{2}}, & \text{ if n is even} \end{cases} for all n \in N. State whether the function f is bijective. Justify your answer.

Question 9. Let A and B be sets. Show that f : A × B → B × A such that f (a, b) = (b, a) is bijective function.