Ranges of inverse trigonometric functions Lecture 1

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Lecture - 1 Chapter 2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Topics Discussed in this lecture:
All trigonometric functions are Many – one so we have to re-define their respective mappings in order to find inverse trigonometric functions.

In this lecture, you will learn the ranges of all inverse trigonometric functions with complete explanation:

\sin^{-1}x or \arcsin(x)
\cos^{-1}x or \arccos(x)
\tan^{-1}x or \arctan(x)
\sec^{-1}x or \text{arcsec}(x)
\cosec^{-1}x or \text{arccosec}(x)
\cot^{-1}x or \text{arccot}(x)

Download GeoGebra Files Used in this Lecture

Trigonometry Unit Circle (60 KB)

Inverse Trigonometry Ranges (20 KB)