Online Math Tuition

Online Math Tuition

For Non-Indian Students

For 1 session: $7
For 6 sessions: $36
For 12 sessions: $60

From Grade 1 to Grade 12

  • Every online session will be of 1 hour
  • Soft copies of notes, assignments and other educational resources based on your syllabus / curriculum are provided by me at no additional cost.
  • You should have a decent internet connection with a speed of at least 6 Mbps for better experience.
  • Every session will be recorded and the recording will be provided only to you.
  • Session Recordings are for private use only and will never be uploaded on the internet for the general public.
  • I am building a proper page here for the students who are interested in the online classes. It will take some time, until then you can Email me on for further process.

For Indian Students

I am providing free videos for the Indian students in Hindi language. So, there’s not going to be any need for the online classes. However, some of the students are asking for paid doubts session online. So, I am thinking about that and will update you soon.