We live in a world where technology is providing a way for online education to become more personalized. In today’s time nearly, everyone carries a connected device almost all the time. By learning using the new technologies in their day to day life become more equipped for success in all aspects as one can learn anything as per their convenient time. Online learning not only provide students the opportunity to plan their study time but help them to study and learn when they are at their peak energy, whether it’s an early morning, noon, evening or late at night. As we all know that every student is different and learns differently, and with the help of technology, educators can accommodate unique learning styles by providing live examples of things, concepts through videos or animation which makes students’ foundation more stronger and education more interesting and easy for them.  While traditional education of the past focused on providing students with essential skills to turn them into skilled professionals, but in today’s time educators are more concerned with teaching students how to learn on their own. They are more concerned about making students learn independently with the help of online learning and they believe when they start learning online or by their own, there brain will become more empowered, experimenting with research and information. Here, the motive is teaching students to learn, think, explore and experiment. Online learning is also a way cost effective than traditional learning. In traditional learning, one needs to spend thousands of rupees per month to attend a coaching class or hire special educator after paying huge amount of School fees. With all those amounts spends, busy classrooms, more students in one batch, not every student always get the chance to study exactly what he/she wants. There are many other expenses also that must be included in traditional learning i.e., transportation expense, additional fees for extra classes, extra notes other than books etc. whereas online learning not only saves huge amount of tuition fees but provide expert guidance, techniques, solutions, and help students to manage their busy schedule, learn the materials/notes that are available online, watching experts video to clear their concepts, and complete assignments on their own schedules and convenience. When it comes to Internet or Google, where everything is available, one can access to the best, can watch top influencers/educators online video, find unique material from the top educators all around the world for their projects, notes and assignments. That’s where online education is more valuable than traditional education. As supposed, if I’m going to spend the kind of money that schools require for tuition, I want to make sure that I have the best possible lecturers or educators to provide me best education for my projects and notes whereas in an open environment, I can find the finest lecturer or educator online and absorb that information at my own pace. And as long as I have a connection to the Internet, I can do it for free. One of the greatest achievement of online learning I feel is the enhanced entry for students, removing the limitation of travel to a specific location at an acknowledge time.  Also, helps one to learn anything at any place or time with the advancement of technologies, online resources and data. As I always said” One should always seek to be an agent of positive change and progression for learners and students”. With the help of technology, I started “FREE ONLINE CLASSES” on YouTube Channel (www.youtube.com/ashishkumarletslearn) for Maths & Physics Class IX, X, XI and XII CBSE.

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