Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. – Sam Levenson

00:00:15 Exercise 4.10 On an open ground, a motorist follows a track that turns to his left by an angle of 600 after every 500 m. Starting from a given turn, specify the displacement of the motorist at the third, sixth and eighth turn. Compare the magnitude of the displacement with the total path length covered by the motorist in each case.

00:23:13 Exercise 4.11 A passenger arriving in a new town wishes to go from the station to a hotel located 10 km away on a straight road from the station. A dishonest cabman takes him along a circuitous path 23 km long and reaches the hotel in 28 min. What is (a) the average speed of the taxi, (b) the magnitude of average velocity ? Are the two equal ?

00:27:50 Exercise 4.12 Rain is falling vertically with a speed of 30 m per sec. A woman rides a bicycle with a speed of 10 m per sec in the north to south direction. What is the direction in which she should hold her umbrella ?

00:39:45 Exercise 4.13 A man can swim with a speed of 4.0 km/h in still water. How long does he take to cross a river 1.0 km wide if the river flows steadily at 3.0 km/h and he makes his strokes normal to the river current? How far down the river does he go when he reaches the other bank ?

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