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Total number of terms in a Binomial Expansion, General Term of Binomial Expansion, Finding Term in a Binomial Expansion

NCERT Exercise 8.2

Find the coefficient of

Question 1. \( x^5 \) in \((x+3)^8\)

Question 2. \( a^5b^7\) in \( (a-2b)^{12}\)

Write the general term in the expansion of

Question 3. \( (x^2-y)^6 \)

Question 4. \( (x^2-yx)^{12}, x \ne 0\)

Question 5. Find the 4th term in the expansion of \( (x-2y)^{12}\).

Question 6.  Find the 13th term in the expansion of \( \left ( 9x – \frac{1}{3 \sqrt{x}} \right )^{18}, x \ne 0 \)

Question 9. In the expansion of \((1+a)^{m+n}\), prove that coefficients of am and an are equal.

Question 12. Find a positive value of m for which the coefficient of x2 in the expansion \((1+x)^m\) is 6.