00:00:02 Every two dimensional vector is a sum of individual one dimensional vectors

00:03:16 Meaning of resultant vector

00:04:22 Vector Addition

00:08:22 Parallelogram Law of Vector Addition

00:15:30 Triangle Law of Vector Addition

00:20:56 Direction of a vector in terms of angle made with x-axis and y-axis

00:26:46 Example 4.1 Rain is falling vertically with a speed of 35 m/s . Winds starts blowing in after sometime with a speed of 12 m/s east to west direction. In which direction should a boy waiting at a bus stop hold his umbrella ?

00:39:36 Example 4.2 Find the magnitude and direction of the resultant of two vectors A and B in terms of their magnitudes and angle θ between them.

00:53:06 Example 4.3 A motorboat is racing towards north at 25 km/h and the water current in that region is 10 km/h in the direction of 60° east of south. Find the resultant velocity of the boat.

01:01:15 Use of log tables (logarithms) while solving Physics numericals/questions