Lecture 1 Real Numbers Class 10 Part 3

Lecture 1 Real Numbers Class 10 Part 3


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Part - 3 Lecture - 1 Chapter 1 Real Numbers

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00:00:05 Revision

00:01:40 Question 3 A sweetseller has 420 kaju barfis and 130 badam barfis. She wants to stack them in such a way that each stack has the same number, and they take up the least area of the tray. What is the number of that can be placed in each stack for this purpose?

00:10:00 Question 4 An army contingent of 616 members is to march behind an army band of 32 members in a parade. The two groups are to march in the same number of columns. What is the maximum number of columns in which they can march?

00:16:00 Question 5 Using Euclid’s division algorithm, find which of the following pairs of numbers are co-prime: (E) a. 231, 396 b. 847, 2160

00:22:50 Question 6 Find the HCF of 56, 96, 324 by Euclid’s algorithm. (B)

00:26:50 Question 7 Use Euclid’s division algorithm to find the HCF of 441, 567, 693. (E)

00:29:40 Question 8 Find the value of m if HCF of 65 and 117 is expressible in the form 65m-117

00:32:20 Question 9 Find the HCF of 65 and 117 and express it in form of 65m +117n.

00:39:30 Question 10 Find the largest number which divides 70 and 125, leaving remainders 5 and 8, respectively.

00:46:00 Question 11 Using Euclid’s division algorithm, find the largest number that divides 1251, 9377 and 15628 leaving remainders 1, 2 and 3, respectively.