New membership on Ashish Kumar - Let's Learn is permanently closed.

There's is no change for the old members of Ashish Kumar - Let's Learn, they can access their membership until the expiry of their active membership plan in the same way by login on Ashish Kumar - Let's Learn.
Agam Sir's videos are now available on the new platform at web address

About Registration

Registration is closed.

About Membership

New membership is closed.

How many devices can be logged in with single membership plan?

The user can login from any device, but only one device can remain active at a time.

How many users can use one membership plan?

The membership is on one-plan-one-user basis. Only one user who has made the payment is allowed to access membership perks. 

In case someone shares ID with others registered/non-registered users or multiple users access single plan, will be considered as fraud and that membership will be permanently suspended with no refund/compensation of any kind.

Will I get all three classes in the membership?

There are different plans available on the website. You can purchase single class or all three classes under the membership.

Are only school students the members of this website?

No, any one who wants to learn from Agam Sir is most welcome to join the membership.
As long as someone sincerely wants to learn, there is no discrimination of any kind on our website.

We have school students, college students, school teachers, college professors, tuition teachers our members. Also some of our members are casual learners who have keen interest in Agam Sir's knowledge and wisdom, and they have been following Agam Sir's videos since the beginning.

About PDFs

How to access PDFs?

PDFs of available notes and assignments are available on the main Chapter page. 
In case the chapter is converted into course, you will find the PDF under topics "PDFs of Notes and Assignments."

How to access solutions of PDFs?

Solutions of assignments given in the PDFs are available in the course. Self practice assignments have similar questions that Sir has discussed in main assignments and are meant for students to attempt themselves.

Where to get PDFs of sheets Agam Sir has used to write in videos?

We regret those PDFs are no longer available.

Are PDF available in one month membership?

No. PDFs are not available in one-month membership plan.

About Syllabus

Where do we get Motivational Videos and other videos of Agam Sir?

Those videos are available under the courses named "Practice & Exam Preparation Tips" and "Agam Wisdom".

You can access them from Menu > All courses.

I have Class 12 membership, but my base of Class 11 is not strong. How can I access Class 11 videos?

If you have purchased Class 12 Membership then you will only have access to Class 12 content.

If you want Class 11 videos, you have to purchase it separately.

Which board is covered in the membership?

We mainly record syllabus as per Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) because around 99% of our members are under CBSE.

However, the syllabus is exactly similar for those non-CBSE boards as well who are using NCERT Textbooks.

About Doubts & Live Session

How to discuss doubts?

Under the membership plan, you can discuss doubts only with other members on the comments and in the groups.

What is the timing of live session?

There is no live session facility under the membership plan.
If you have heard Agam Sir discussing about live session in the video that's because those videos were recorded earlier when live session was available.

How to contact Agam Sir?

There is no such facility available under the membership.

Well, Agam Sir has selected the support team so that he can focus on recording more videos and making notes & assignments for his students.

You can contact the support team for any technical difficulties in using the website.

Agam Sir has told in videos to discuss doubts on Whatsapp, how do we get the number?

Those videos were recorded a long time ago. There is no such facility available anymore.

Can we discuss doubts with the Support Team?

The support team on the website is only for your technical help in using the website and help in accessing the perks under your membership.

You can discuss doubts/queries in Maths with other members only.

About Deleted/Updated Syllabus

Is deleted syllabus covered in the membership plan?

In membership we have promised you full syllabus as per the board.
Deleted syllabus is not under the membership.

It completely depends on Ashish Kumar Let's Learn discretion whether and who to provide deleted syllabus as additional perk. 

For state board students, they will need to provide proof to access the deleted part that is covered under their respective state board.

Message from Sir Regarding Syllabus!

I have checked the CBSE Notification regarding "30% deletion" in syllabus and have provided my remarks and analysis for each chapter. But CBSE has history of not following its own circulars/notifications completely in the exams. That why I am doubtful with the current syllabus status of some of the chapters.
But nothing to be worry about, CBSE will provide detailed information and Sample Paper which will clear the confusion. You will be informed when I will have any update.

I want all the members to know the following important points.

  • The CBSE notification has made it clear that there will be no questions from the deleted syllabus, but students have to learn those concepts that would be needed to understand the other topics.
    cbse notification regarding syllabus
    Members don't have to worry about this. I will make the necessary changes in the uploaded content and will provide you proper guidance for the deleted part of the syllabus.
  • The new notification from CBSE has changed everything. Most of my current recordings that I am going to upload and arrange in the courses have no use now.
    I have to re-arrange all the chapters, change assignments, re-record topics etc., which means this would take some extra time as this can be done only by me not by the team.
    However, this is not a difficult task, so your syllabus will be completed before October 2020 as promised in the membership.
    Team will inform you about the changes I will make in the chapters, assignments and the courses. Re-arranging old videos will not take much time.
  • It was easier to score 100% in the board exams for those who have sincerely prepare for it. And after the deletion of the difficult parts of the syllabus they have made it much much easier to score 100% in the board exams. So, you should be happy about this reduction in syllabus.
  • State Boards are also working to reduce syllabus. I'll post when there is any update.
What would happen for the State Board's students?

As per the news, state boards are also working to reduce syllabus for students. Whenever we will receive the notification from the State Boards, we will post the update on the website and will make the necessary changes for the State Board's students on the website.

Members will need to provide the proof that they are from state board to access the deleted part.

Do you provide the deleted syllabus for the members?

Yes, deleted syllabus will also be made available on the website as separate courses. We will start providing the deleted syllabus after October 2020 only to those members who will provide proof that those topics are in their non-CBSE board syllabus.

What about those students that are preparing for entrance exams?

We will start providing the deleted parts of the syllabus after October 2020, as deleted part is also necessary for entrance exams preparations. Members will need to provide proof that the deleted topic will be needed in the Entrance Exams. Only those members will get access to deleted syllabus.

When will we get the updated assignments?

Sir has already started working to update assignments as per the current syllabus and some of the chapters have already been updated.

While downloading assignments you will see the Date and Version of the PDF files. All PDFs dated 8th July 2020 or later have been updated and others will be updated soon.

About Spam & Fraud Users

What precautions should we take while using messages, comments and groups?

Never share your personal information like contact number, email id, address, date of birth, bank details, family details etc in the comments, messages or groups. Someone might misuse that information.

Limited your discussion to Mathematics only.

If any member harass or bully you, then take the screenshot, block the member and send the screenshot to our support team for further actions.

If you have found any inappropriate comment or message then take the screenshot and send it to our support team for further actions.

What would happen to those members who are misusing the perks?

We take privacy of our members and educational ambiance on our website seriously. We are regularly blocking users who are either fraudsters or destroying the educational ambiance on our website.

It is recommended to all the members to limited their discussions to Mathematics only. Be polite and respectful in your comments and messages on the website and email.

If any member bring to our notice who is misusing the perks, harassing or bullying other members, or spamming on the website, will be blocked permanently from accessing the website, irrespective of their membership days left. No refund/compensation of any kind will be provided to the blocked members.

About Course System

What are the benefits of new course system?

The new course system is the outcome of years long research of Agam Sir.

To learn from Agam Sir's videos, one has to follow the content in sequence. The course system make sure that everyone will access the topics/subtopics in the sequence/order the first time. Later, they can access it in any order for revision.

Course system helps the students in tracking their learning and preparation for exams.

While revision, it is easier to access a particular topic/question in the course system.

It also helps Sir and his team to monitor and plan for future contents.

How to learn in the course system?

In the course system, students have to remember just two things.

The first is to watch the videos in sequence from start otherwise they will not be able to open the topic/subtopic.

The second is to click on "Mark Complete" once they have done a topic/subtopic. It will automatically activates the next topic/subtopic.

This has to be done only the first time. Later students can access Marked Complete topics/subtopics in any order for revision.

I do not want course system, how can I access the older format?

The older format is no longer available.

We are converting chapters in the older format to course system for better learning experience.

Do members like the new course system?

Based on the feedback we have received more than 96% students and teachers like the new course system. Some of them had difficulties with the system in the beginning, but once they got used to with the system, they preferred it over the old format.

Remaining 4% have problems with everything on the website, not just the course system. Based on the interaction the team had with them, we reckon most of them of 4% are not here to learn.

About Email & Support

Why I am not receiving Email from the Support Team?

If you have not received support team’s emails then do the following

  • Check Spam Folder for previous emails
  • Add our support team's Email ID in your contacts, so that future emails will not go to spam folder.
Is phone or WhatsApp facility available?

No, we do not have phone or whatsapp facility.

Technical support is only provided through Emails and Support Tickets on the website.

What is support team's contact number?

We do not have phone or whatsapp facility.

Technical support is only provided through Emails and Support Tickets on the website.

About Comments & Groups

What are comments sections and groups actually meant for?

Comments sections are only meant for members to discuss doubts/queries in the mathematics.

All other comments will be removed.

Why my comment was deleted?

Comments sections are provided under the membership only to discuss your doubts/queries in Maths with other members.

All other comments will not be approved and will be deleted.

Why I am not able to access the group?

Groups are provided under the membership to discuss your doubts/queries in Maths with other members.

We revoke the access of members from the groups if they are trying to destroy educational ambiance by posting non-educational content, asking for likes, posting personal information, posting their social media posts/links or any other kind of spamming that are against the terms and conditions of the website.

If your query is not answered on this page, you can contact the Support Team.

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