Doubts / Live Session with Agam Sir

Updated on: May 11, 2021

Where to discuss doubts?

Doubts sessions were earlier offered to the members. However, current courses on the website are meant for self study and do not include any facility to discuss doubts.

What is the timing of live session?

Live sessions with Agam Sir were earlier offered to the members. However, there is no live session facility under the currently offered memberships and courses.

Agam Sir has said in the videos to join live session with him, how to join live session?

Live session were on offer when Agam Sir was recording those videos. However, currently no membership plan or course has live session facility.
Please ignore, If you have heard Agam Sir discussing about joining the live sessions in his videos.

Agam Sir has told in videos to discuss doubts on Whatsapp, how do we get the number?

Doubts discussion on WhatsApp was offered when those videos were recorded. However, there is no such facility available anymore.
Please ignore, if you have heard Agam Sir discussing about Whatsapp doubts discussion in his videos.

Is there any future plans for doubts discussion or live session on Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn?

Yes, we are working on membership plans that will offer doubts discussion and live sessions facility. However, at this stage we could not tell when the facility will be started.
Currently, only self-study courses and memberships are available.