Customer care number

Updated on: May 11, 2021

Is there any customer care number available? / Do you have phone call facility?

To keep the cost of courses as much low as possible we do not provide any customer care number / phone call facility.

For any technical difficulties you can contact Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn Support on Email.

How can I trust you without talking to you?

If you search the internet then you will find a lot of companies that promise a lot on the Sales calls (phone calls with sales team) but deliver a lot less after the purchase. Phone call is never a hallmark for trust and quality.

On the other hand, nothing is hidden on the Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn website. There are Free Videos for you to check teaching methods of Agam Sir before buying.

Also, all the indexes of courses and all the membership courses are visible to non-members as well to check the contents before buying.