Complex Numbers Class 11 Lecture 3

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Lecture - 3 Chapter 5 Complex Numbers

Conjugate of a complex number,  Relationship of conjugate with modulus of complex numbers

Example 8. Convert the complex number \frac{-16}{1+i \sqrt{3}} into polar form.

Example 12.  Find the conjugate of \frac{(3-2i)(2+3i)}{(1+2i)(2-i)}

Example 14. If x+iy=\frac{a+ib}{a-ib}, prove that x^2+y^2=1.

Example 15. Find real \theta such that \frac{3+2i \sin \theta}{1-2i \sin \theta} is purely real and purely imaginary.

Example 16. Convert the complex number z = \frac{i-1}{\cos \frac{\pi}{3} + i  \sin \frac{\pi}{3} } in the polar form.