Common questions (memberships)

Updated on: May 11, 2021

How membership is different from individual courses?

Membership is a package of predetermined individual courses with longer validity and sometime additional discounts, hence it offers better value for money.

Courses included in a membership plan, their validity and all other details are available on the respective membership page.


Is there any difference in the course videos of one year, six months and three months memberships?

There is aboslutely no difference of videos.

One year, Six months and Three months are just the different validities we are offering on the website. One year, Six months and Three months memberships have the same videos and courses in each class.


Can I change the validity of membership after purchase?

No, once purchased change in validity is not possible for any membership or courses.


What would happen to course progress data if I switch my memebrship plan or validity?

In case you switch your membership plan or validity then you will lost all of your course progress data.

Progress data can only be maintained for the same membership plan / validity.