Common questions (courses)

Updated on: May 12, 2021

How to access your purchased courses?

After successful payment you will get access to your purchased courses instantly through My Courses page.

How long one can access course content after payment?

Validity of a course can range from 7 days to 365 days and is mentioned in the main course page under additional information.

How to extend validity of  a course?

Validity of course cannot be extended once purchased.

If you need longer access to a course then you can purchase the same course again after the expiry of the course.


What is the start date and expiry date of a course?

Course “start date and time” is the “date and time” at which user initiates the course purchase on the website and to have instant access to the course user has to complete the payment successfully on the payment gateway.

If user changes his/her mind then it is his/her responsibility to cancel the purchase manually or contact support for the same.

Completing the payment later on the same purchase will not change the course start date and time.

The expiration date and/or time period(validity) user has access to course is indicated on the course page and/or course purchase page.

If a user has to dispute the start date and/or expiry date then it should not be later than 48 hours of the expiry of the course.

After 48 hours of expiry of the course we do not entertain any request to correct or dispute start date and/or expiry date of the course.