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00:00:10 Projectile Motion – Two dimensional motion under gravity

00:05:02 Animations for Projectile motion

00:26:02 Derivations for Projectile Motion

00:35:29 Relation to find time of Maximum Height

00:38:59 Relation to find maximum height

00:43:59 Equation of path traced by object in projectile motion (Equation of parabola)

00:40:00 Total Time taken

00:40:01 Horizontal Range of Projectile

01:02:59 Example 4.9 A cricket ball is thrown at a speed of 28 m/s in a direction 30° above the horizontal. Calculate (a) the maximum height, (b) the time taken by the ball to return to the same level, and (c) the distance from the thrower to the point where the ball returns to the same level.

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