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00:00:20 Dynamics of Motion

00:00:47 Basic meaning of Force

00:05:33 Aristotle’s Fallacy

00:07:03 Aristotelian Law of Motion

00:07:27 Galileo’s Law of Inertia

00:09:30 Inertia

00:11:24 Law of Inertia

00:12:40 Newtonian Mechanics (Newton’s Laws of Motion)

00:16:34 Newton’s First Law of Motion

00:20:09 Definition of Force under Newtonian Mechanics

00:22:54 Definition of Inertia under Newtonian Mechanics

00:26:25 Inertia of Rest

00:28:40 Inertia of Motion

00:29:46 Inertial of Direction

00:30:50 Inertial and Non inertial frame of reference

00:36:12 Free Particle

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