Chapter 10 Class 11 Maths Straight Lines Lecture 5


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Lecture - 5 Chapter 10 Straight Lines

Minimum information required to form any equation

Point Slope form of Equation of a straight line In Exercises 1 to 8, find the equation of the line which satisfy the given conditions:


Question 2. Passing through the point (– 4, 3) with slope \( \frac{1}{2} \).

Question 3. Passing through (0, 0) with slope m.

Question 1. (Equation of x-axis and y-axis) Write the equations for the x-and y-axes.

Question 4. Passing through \( (2,2 \sqrt{3}) \) and inclined with the x-axis at an angle of 750.

Question 5. Intersecting the x-axis at a distance of 3 units to the left of origin with slope –2.

Question 6. Intersecting the y-axis at a distance of 2 units above the origin and making an angle of 30 with positive direction of the x-axis.

Question 7. Passing through the points (–1, 1) and (2, – 4).

Question 8. Perpendicular distance from the origin is 5 units and the angle made by the perpendicular with the positive x-axis is 30.