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Representation of Sets in Mathematics

To understand the representation of sets, let’s get back to its definition. A set is a well-defined collection of objects of the same kind. Here, the phrase collection of objects gives us the idea that we can make a list of all the objects. That’s why the first method is known as the listing method. The

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Practice Questions Related to Sets

Question 1. Which of the following are sets? Justify your answer. (i) The collection of all the months of a year beginning with the letter J. (ii) The collection of ten most talented writers of the world. (iii) The collection of all the English alphabet. (iv) The collection of good students in a class. (v) The collection of beautiful flowers in a garden.

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Base concept of Trigonometry and its Derivation

One of the beauties of trigonometry is that its rules are equally applicable for all similar triangles because the base concept of trigonometry was derived from the similarity of triangles and in this video, I am going to discuss that base concept with its derivation. But before I begin our main concept, let’s revise right triangles first.

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Meaning of Set in Mathematics

We often use the word set in our day to day life. For example, we usually have dinner sets in our homes and as the name suggests, a dinner set is a collection of cups, plates, dishes, saucers etc., used for serving food and dinning. So, as with a dinner set, a set is a collection of objects of same kind. And this set can be of two types in our practical lives.

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