Newtons Second Laws of Motion Lecture 2

Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Momentum (Linear Momentum), Mathematical relation between Force, acceleration and mass, Newton’s Second law in components form, Impulse and derivation of impulsive force through second law, Proof of First Law of motion using Second Law of motion, Inertial Mass, Relation between mass and acceleration

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Class 11 Physics Laws of Motion Lecture 1

Dynamics of Motion, Basic meaning of Force, Aristotle’s Fallacy, Aristotelian Law of Motion, Galileo’s Law of Inertia, Inertia, Law of Inertia, Newtonian Mechanics (Newton’s Laws of Motion), Newton’s First Law of Motion, Definition of Force under Newtonian Mechanics, Definition of Inertia under Newtonian Mechanics, Inertia of Rest, Inertia of Motion, Inertial of Direction, Inertial and Non inertial frame of reference, Free Particle