00:00:00 Meaning of Sequences & Series

00:02:37 Meaning of Arithmetic Progression, first term, common difference, nth term, general term

00:10:37 NCERT Exercise 5.1 Question 2

00:13:17 NCERT Exercise 5.1 Question 3

00:15:57 NCERT Exercise 5.1 Question 4

00:32:45 NCERT Exercise 5.1 Question 1 In which of the following situations, does the list of numbers involved make an arithmetic progression, and why?

(i) The taxi fare after each km when the fare is ₹ 15 for the first km and ₹ 8 for each additional km.

(ii) The amount of air present in a cylinder when a vacuum pump removes 1/4 of the air remaining in the cylinder at a time.

(iii) The cost of digging a well after every metre of digging, when it costs ₹ 150 for the first metre and rises by ₹ 50 for each subsequent metre.

(iv) The amount of money in the account every year, when ₹ 10000 is deposited at compound interest at 8 % per annum.

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