Ashish Kumar (Agam Sir)

Ashish Kumar (Agam Sir)

Founder - Ashish Kumar Let's Learn

Ashish Kumar is educationist & founder of Ashish Kumar Let's Learn who has the vast experience of 12 years and skills (academic and vocational) that go and working with and alongside people, especially young people, their parent(s) and the institutes that work with him. His vision is to create an e-learning platform that provides relevant and enriching e-learning solutions that includes online video lectures and other forms of highly engaging educational resources.

He was started 'Ashish Kumar – Let’s Learn' on the premise that every student deserves entry to the most advantageous and high-quality education. Here, his focus of providing effective online lectures and educational resources are more on facilitating continuous learning and development for students and helps one to learn anything at any place or time with the advancement of technologies, online resources and data that one can brought to their desktops and mobile devices.

He always seeks to be an agent of positive change and progression, a mentor/ trainer/ educator for learners/students, seeing that their needs are ideally met.

He always promotes inclusion, seeking to overcome “obstacles” or barriers to learning, especially maths, when and where they arise. He enjoys working in an open, transparent, focused setting where resources and strengths are valued and shared.

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